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Submitting an abstract
All registered participants can submit an abstract of a talk. Authors of selected abstracts will be able to give a contributed talk during the conference.
Please submit an abstract that is no longer then 1.5 pages and use the following template (submit an uncompiled .tex file): Template [.tex]
The abstracts of the talks should be submitted by 15.03.2020. A decision will be made by 25.03.2020.
Fees and payment
Full rate 200 €
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The participants from Russia 5 000 ₽
Mini-symposia speakers Free
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Cancellation terms

If you want to cancel your attendance, please send the notification letter with the request for the reimbursement of the registration fee by e-mail .

Cancellation before April 1

Registration Fees will be completely refunded, except bank charges.

Cancellation after April 1

No registration refunds will be made for cancellations after this date.

Payment methods

There are two ways of payment, that are available using this form:

Payment by Bank transfer

If you choose bank transfer within 24 hours the coordinator of the conference will sent you the invoice by e-mail. It is possible to pay in Russian rubles, EURO or USD. The bank fees are covered by the participant.

Online payment

To make payment with VISA or MASTERCARD choose Credit card option.
If you pay with foreign currency (not Russian rubles) the sum will be converted to Russian rubles at the rate of emitting bank (the bank which issued the credit card). Operation of withdrawing from the Customer's credit card is carrying out in Russian rubles.

Registration and payments coordination

If you have any questions, please contact with our technical partner MESOL LLC (coordinator Stegalin Stanislav) by e-mail: .